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Jar Jar Binks-Centered Film Surprisingly Well Recieved

Initially skeptical Star Wars fans were shocked earlier this week at their lack of outrage following the release of Star Wars Episode VII: Call of the Gungan.

“Huh,” said Henry Kaminer.

Popes: Where Are They Now?

Clement I


Sixtus III

Benedict XIII 

Expelled from Avignon; dead.

Anastasius IV
Believed to be dead; may be living incognito in Paris out of fear of White Revolution.

Martin V

Clement IX-XIV
All dead.

John Paul II
In process of canonization. Still dead though.

Mayor Cat Mauled by Dog, Paws Point to Political Motives

The Office of Mayor Cat claims that last week’s attack on Stubbs the cat, mayor of Talkeetna, AK, was politically motivated. On his way to the office last week, a loose dog mauled Stubbs, sending Stubbs to the vet. To few, this comes as a surprise; Stubbs has made some formidable canine foes during his 16 years in office.

God Still Unsure About 2000-Year-Old Voicemail

Nearly 2000 years later, God is still unsure about a voicemail he received when he entered his office on Easter Sunday, 33 BC.

Czech Checks Chechen in Checkers

Charleston, S.C.: At Charleston Church, a Czech checked a cheeky Chechen in the Charleston Chapter Chess and Checker Championships.   As children cheered and chanted from their chairs, Charlie Chladek (the Czech) chatted cheerily with Chechnya’s Czeslaw Chernov and chewed Cheerios.   Suddenly, choosing a checker, Chladek charged like a chariot, chipping away at cherry-cheeked Czeslaw’s checkers—thus,  Czeslaw was chastened by the cheery chastisement by the Chief of Checkers.  The cherubic children chanted, and from chimney, chills chased down Czeslaw’s chest.  Finally, in the chiaroscuro of

“Game of Thrones: American Accents Edition” Shows Low Ratings

 HBO executives are reconsidering a decision to broadcast the third season of their popular fantasy series, Game of Thrones, using solely American accents, following record-low ratings for the season premiere. The show’s actors, who until recently interpreted their roles mainly with various accents of the British Isles, were instructed by HBO’s higher-ups to employ more American, less formal voices during filming, in an attempt to give the franchise wider appeal to its U.S. audience. The move was met with disapproval by fans at home and abroad, including Cambridge local Devin Rodgers.

Deeply Entrenched Patriarchy Apologizes to Women Everywhere

In light of a recent apology by rapper and this year’s Yardfest artist Tyga for such lyrics as “shut the fuck up and jump on this dick” and “need a bitch that can fuck, cook, clean right” – denounced by critics as potentially “misogynistic” – another alleged source of female oppression has issued a surprising statement of remorse. During his lunch break this past Tuesday, Senior Vice President Mike J.

Emaciated Joe Mazur returns to Satire V

After a five-month captivity in a Wellesley POW camp, Joe Mazur has returned to Satire V’s sweet embrace.

“I’m so cold,” said Mazur, shivering in Satire V’s arms.  “But I…I never stopped thinking about you.”

Melinda Gates’ Dildo Challenge

Following her husband’s $100,000 grant offer for the design of a “next generation condom,” Melinda Gates has issued a challenge of her own, causing many start-ups to scramble in order to get a head start in what looks to be a stiff competition.

The $2,318,008 prize will be given to the individual or team that “designs the dildo—classic, vibrator, or strap-on—that best satisfies the needs of a lonely rich woman whose husband spends so much damn time on his precious foundation.”

ESPN Launches College of Cardinals Bracket

Soon after Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would resign by the end of February, the College of Cardinals immediately geared up for what is shaping up to be the best March Madness since the famous “Crazy Conclave” of 1963 that ended with the come-from-behind win of the surprise underdog, Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini, who after his victory celebrations took on the name Paul da Sixth.