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ESPN Launches College of Cardinals Bracket

Soon after Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would resign by the end of February, the College of Cardinals immediately geared up for what is shaping up to be the best March Madness since the famous “Crazy Conclave” of 1963 that ended with the come-from-behind win of the surprise underdog, Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini, who after his victory celebrations took on the name Paul da Sixth.

ESPN has exclusive access to the tourney this year, and will be showing the cardinal-cardinal showdowns 24-7 on ESPN, ESPN2, and If you have a hankering for the seminal matchups of the century, then tune into ESPN Classic and watch such unforgettable moments as the last-minute buzzer-beater sermon of Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto in 1903 and the disappointing collapse of the team from Buenos Aires in 1978.

Best of all, you can now participate in the fun and excitement of the papal conclave!!! That’s right, ESPN has renewed and revamped their popular College of Cardinals bracket. Pick your favorites, compete against your friends and family and acquaintances of all faiths, Catholic and heathen alike. Submit your bracket at for your chance to win fantastic prizes. If you get 95% of the bracket correct, you get a free trip for you and your youngest male friend to Vatican City! If you get 100% correct, you get to become a bishop!

So, who are you rooting for? The old-school style of Cardinal Marc Ouellet? Or maybe the pizzazz and compassion of Cardinal Peter Turkson? Either way, watch the tourney on ESPN stations, and fill out your bracket. Let’s make this the best Lent ever!

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