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Game of Thrones Fans Rejoice! George R.R. Martin To Finally Reveal What "R.R." Stands For

Fans of Game of Thrones, the wait is over! The author of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin has finally stated that he will clarify what the R. R. in his name stands for in the next installment in the series. This has been one of the most hotly discussed topics among his fan-base, and we’re finally going to figure it out. Is it Renly Reagon? Reddit Recap? Or will it be an entirely new set of names? The only thing we can be sure of with this author is that it’s going to be a huge surprise.

LEAKED: Game of Thrones Spoilers

Beware, for this article is dark and full of spoilers! Ha, ha, get it? Satire V has obtained exclusive access to some key plot points of the sixth season of Game of Thrones. Here is just some of what this season has in store for Thrones viewers:

“Game of Thrones: American Accents Edition” Shows Low Ratings

 HBO executives are reconsidering a decision to broadcast the third season of their popular fantasy series, Game of Thrones, using solely American accents, following record-low ratings for the season premiere. The show’s actors, who until recently interpreted their roles mainly with various accents of the British Isles, were instructed by HBO’s higher-ups to employ more American, less formal voices during filming, in an attempt to give the franchise wider appeal to its U.S. audience. The move was met with disapproval by fans at home and abroad, including Cambridge local Devin Rodgers.