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“Game of Thrones: American Accents Edition” Shows Low Ratings

Fans were especially outraged by Tyrion Lannister's Midwestern drawl.

 HBO executives are reconsidering a decision to broadcast the third season of their popular fantasy series, Game of Thrones, using solely American accents, following record-low ratings for the season premiere. The show’s actors, who until recently interpreted their roles mainly with various accents of the British Isles, were instructed by HBO’s higher-ups to employ more American, less formal voices during filming, in an attempt to give the franchise wider appeal to its U.S. audience. The move was met with disapproval by fans at home and abroad, including Cambridge local Devin Rodgers.

            “It was all well and good when they were pronouncing it ‘coont’,” said Rodgers, “It had a kind of whimsy to it, a magic. Now it’s just vulgar. The whole episode consisted of a bunch of dirty people being really mean to each other; I don’t need that in my life.” Nancy Wainwright, also of Cambridge, was similarly disappointed.

            “It’s a shame really,” said Wainwright, “They’ve sucked all the elegance and nobility out of ‘fehtch me ‘is fookin’ ‘ead!’ The whole thing is too harsh now. Suddenly the show’s whole universe is misogynistic, violent and backward. It’s lost its inherent grace and beauty. I don’t see why they had to take away ‘arse,’ that was fun.”

            In response to the criticisms, HBO will dub over the remaining episodes in the season prior to release, and has quietly shelved plans to replace the series’ iconic opening credits animation with ESPN highlight reels.

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