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Digital Shaq Refuses to Get Back on Defense

the enraged screaming of his coach and manager, Matthew Seiden,
the computer-controlled Shaquille O'Neal refuses to get back on defense.
Seiden has blamed his last five losses in NBA Street Volume 2 on the
laziness of the computer-generated O'Neal, whom he also accuses of
being "spoiled" and "lacking in desire." "The Punishtown Annihilators
are about heart and hustle," said Seiden, "and if O'Neal doesn't
shape up I'm just gong to replace him with Stinky McGraft, a 7'

Season's Greetings!

With the holidays past, I am left with only the fondest memories: gathering
around the Holiday Tree, exchanging Secret Snowman presents, and singing Winter Carols at Holiday parties overflowing
with eggnog and good cheer. Yes, this Holiday Season was truly the best possible way to celebrate the birth of our Holiday Messiah.