and entering

Season's Greetings!

With the holidays past, I am left with only the fondest memories: gathering
around the Holiday Tree, exchanging Secret Snowman presents, and singing Winter Carols at Holiday parties overflowing
with eggnog and good cheer. Yes, this Holiday Season was truly the best possible way to celebrate the birth of our Holiday Messiah.

Let us not forget that this time of year is about a particular person. A person who suffered on the nondenominational perpendicular-wooden-planks-structure for our sins. Hopefully next year, all those sincerely wishing
to feel the warm inner glow of the Holiday Season
will attend the Midnight
Winter Gathering at the Secular Building-with-a-bell-tower-and-perpendicular-

Society may yet ignore
the proper way to celebrate the Holidays; it may continue to insist on lighting the Holiday Candelabra. Or worse, celebrate Holiday Black People Holiday. Or worst of all, worship Holiday Allah or nothing at Holiday
all. Because some people don't believe in the Holidays. And any of these completely secular practices would surely send us to the Holiday Place of Eternal Fire and Brimstone.

© 2003