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Deeply Entrenched Patriarchy Apologizes to Women Everywhere

In light of a recent apology by rapper and this year’s Yardfest artist Tyga for such lyrics as “shut the fuck up and jump on this dick” and “need a bitch that can fuck, cook, clean right” – denounced by critics as potentially “misogynistic” – another alleged source of female oppression has issued a surprising statement of remorse. During his lunch break this past Tuesday, Senior Vice President Mike J.

Student Groups React on the Eve of Tyga's Performance

Satire V: How does your organization feel about Tyga performing at Yardfest tomorrow?

Harvard Basketball Team: Tyga's coming?? Aww, sick man! I love that dude's cereal! I used to have it like every day before practice in high school. Yo! Tell Tony I say hi!