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Student Groups React on the Eve of Tyga's Performance

Satire V: How does your organization feel about Tyga performing at Yardfest tomorrow?

Harvard Basketball Team: Tyga's coming?? Aww, sick man! I love that dude's cereal! I used to have it like every day before practice in high school. Yo! Tell Tony I say hi!

Manifesta: Before you ask me any more questions please google intersectionality. In the black community words like "bitch," "dick," "shut up," and "kitchen" may have very different meanings! #oppression #whiteprivilege 
Harvard Stories for Orphans: I'm sure he'll bring a lot of energy to the show! I can just see him bouncing around the stage Bouncing is what Tyga does best!
Environmental Action Committee: Just because Tyga has many different female mates doesn't mean he's a misogynist. They have a very different lifestyle from us but that doesn't mean they have any less a right to live on this earth than we do. I'm looking forward to hearing that masculine growl of his. Besides, do you know how hard it is for a Tyga to change his stripes?
PCC: Tyga? Yeah he cheated on his wife a couple times but does that make him a misogynist or a free spirit? That's actually the name of one our panels on polyamory during Sex Week Volume 3.
Black Men's Forum, Asian American Brotherhood & Scandinavian Society: We're actually holding a discussion group on Tyga. What does it mean for a Black and Chinese man to cheat on his Swedish wife?




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