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Smith Campus Center

Harvard Students ‘In the Dumps’ About Closing of Smith Campus Center Bathrooms

CAMBRIDGE, MA – The Harvard-operated public restrooms in the Smith Campus Center will be relieved of their duties in Spring 2016 after squeezing out over 30 years of service to the Cambridge community, according to Harvard spokesperson Portia Lynne.

“For a long time we were going back and forth, back and forth on this difficult decision,” wrote Lynne in an email, “But eventually everyone was so tense that we decided to take some time to relax before giving the final push this week to plot the last details right into place.”

Harvard to Replace Al’s Café With Tent Serving Wonder Bread

Dear members of the Harvard community,

We have received several comments about Harvard’s recent decision to remove local restaurants like Al’s Café, Oggi Gourmet, and Clover Food Lab from the Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center in light of the construction that has begun to take place. Thank you for your ideas.

Many have expressed concerns that, while construction occurs, there will be fewer local options for lunch. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce a new initiative: the Ian Assole Harvard Square Wonder Bread Lunch Tent.

The Smith Campus Center, One Year Later

Cambridge, MA- Almost one year ago, students awoke to a transformed world. The Holyoke Center, the beloved home of everything from university offices to university offices, was renamed the Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center, beginning an ambitious renovation project to transform the building into a social hub for students. Now, almost a year into the project, students are finally seeing the results of the renovation, and they love it.