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Modern Day Workers' Rights Hero Makes Small Talk with HUDS Worker

The dining hall where the conversation - and swipe - took place.
CAMBRIDGE, MA -- William J. Legrange '18, a self-proclaimed hero of the people, demonstrated his devotion to the cause of workers' rights earlier today when he took time out of his busy schedule of two classes to engage in polite conservation with the "HUDS swipe lady."  The swipe lady in question, Mary Hernandez, has seen Legrange almost every day in Kirkland for the past two years, sometimes twice a day.
Their conversation ranged from topics like the weather to tentative inquiries into how Hernandez's day was going, but, according to Legrange, "I was worried she would say something other than 'doing well, how about you?' and I would have no idea how to respond to that."  Hernandez, a single mother of two, confirmed that she was well and proceeded to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of Legrange's interests and major successes since arriving at Harvard, and asked how his family was doing.
"We like to pay attention to the students, you know?" Hernandez said. "It's one of the best parts about this job." The conversation concluded with Legrange mentioning how much work he had to do that night for his class on race relations. The modern-day Cesar Chavez then wished Hernandez a good rest of her afternoon and departed, but not before nodding to the HUDS guy with the tray of glasses.
Tensions between Harvard and HUDS are high as a result of contract and health care negotiations that could result in a strike, but Legrange is not worried. "We'll probably get Chipotle vouchers or something."

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