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Yo, It Fucking Blows That My Last Harvard-Yale Weekend Was At Yale

Dean Dingman
By Dean of Freshman Thomas A. "Tommy D" Dingman

Could We Have a Rivalry, Too? Please?

Hi Harvard! It’s Princeton. Remember us? We’re that school that you applied regular decision to. We admitted you! You were excited, but you’d already gotten into Harvard early action, so you were only kind of excited. 

Everything we hear nowadays is “Harvard-Yale” this and “Harvard-Yale” that, and we’ve been feeling a little left out recently. We hate to bother you, but could we have a rivalry, too? Please?

I Sold Greg Mankiw a Harvard-Yale Ticket for $2500. I'm Happy About It.

Look, I’m no economics concentrator, okay? I didn’t come to Harvard to become some soulless money-driven corporate drone. I only took Ec10 because during shopping week I just went to the classes all the other freshmen went to.