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Prefrosh Wonders If Watching Eleganza Counts as Losing Virginity

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CAMBRIDGE, MAPrefrosh Max R. Jacobs ’22, who attended Eleganza this weekend, is wondering whether going to the show counted as losing his virginity.

 Jacobs had low expectations when his host, Ryan C. Lee '19, invited him to “a dance fashion show, I guess?” at the Bright Landry Hockey Center. But after Eleganza had ended, Jacobs was surprised to find that he might no longer be a virgin.

Dean Khurana Auditions to be an Eleganza Model

Cambridge, MA – To the shock of many students and administrators,  Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana announced yesterday that he had auditioned to be an Eleganza model.

“I’ve actually been considering the career move to modeling for quite some time now,” Khurana admitted, citing his flourishing Instagram account for giving him the “confidence and self-assurance” to fulfill his life-long goal of taking to the runway.

Beautiful People Come Out of Hiding for Eleganza

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Harvard’s annual fashion show Eleganza hits the runway this weekend and looks to be a great opportunity for all beautiful people to finally come out of hiding.

“It’s absolutely crucial that we take a moment to celebrate beauty,” said Lisa Strauss, a model with an unparalleled thigh gap. “There are so many organizations on campus, but for some reason there aren’t any meant for physically attractive people.”

Eleganza is working to help not only this oppressed minority group, but also those in need.