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Dean Khurana Auditions to be an Eleganza Model

Khurana, being fashionable

Cambridge, MA – To the shock of many students and administrators,  Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana announced yesterday that he had auditioned to be an Eleganza model.

“I’ve actually been considering the career move to modeling for quite some time now,” Khurana admitted, citing his flourishing Instagram account for giving him the “confidence and self-assurance” to fulfill his life-long goal of taking to the runway.

“My Instagram started as just a hobby, a way to reflect on my life and connect with the greater Harvard community. But now I have over 3500 followers. I mean, you don’t get that many followers unless you have some star power, right?” Khurana added that he thinks that Eleganza, a student-run fashion show, is the perfect setting to really get his feet wet with modeling, as it will allow him to explore the field while simultaneously interacting and connecting with his students.

“My hope is that through my dancing, I can inspire the budding youths of the College to really go for their dreams, no matter how many people tell them they’re ‘absurd and unrealistic,’” he explained with a rarely-seen frown on his face as he glanced sideways at a framed picture of him and President Faust.

The Dean said he plans to do his “classic runway” walk to “Strut” by The Cheetah Girls, explaining that the lyrics of the song make it his ideal choice. “The message of the song is so uplifting!” Khurana exclaimed. “I think that all of us here at Harvard should strive to free our minds so we can strut like we mean it! Let’s fill this campus with cheetah girls and cheetah boys! Let’s be a cheetah community!” 

Khurana would not disclose the song he will be using for his “creative” walk, but an insider has hinted that onlookers can expect “Twerking. So much twerking.” 

At press time, the Dean was seen excitedly sifting through racks of cheetah print leggings at American Apparel.


Image source: Derek Bok Center/Vimeo 

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