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Prefrosh Wonders If Watching Eleganza Counts as Losing Virginity

eleganza catwalk
How could this not be intercourse?

CAMBRIDGE, MAPrefrosh Max R. Jacobs ’22, who attended Eleganza this weekend, is wondering whether going to the show counted as losing his virginity.

 Jacobs had low expectations when his host, Ryan C. Lee '19, invited him to “a dance fashion show, I guess?” at the Bright Landry Hockey Center. But after Eleganza had ended, Jacobs was surprised to find that he might no longer be a virgin.

 Just before the start of the show, Jacobs mingled with his future classmates as they all screamed at each other in unison the names of the other universities they had gotten into. Once the show began, Jacobs stood silently, with his arms by his side and his mouth slightly agape, for the next hour and a half. He then reportedly went to the bathroom to splash some water on his face and steady his trembling hands.

 “Honestly, I only came to Visitas to go to a few classes and see what the people were like,” said the 18-year-old Chicago native. “But what happened back there…I mean...that was…it can’t be described as anything other than pure, raw sex.”

 At press time, Jacobs was planning to audition to be a model in Eleganza next year. “I’ll work out a lot and get really good at dancing,” he said. “At the same time, I will balance academics, social life, and sleep. Harvard is going to be really good for me.”

 Image Credit: The Harvard Crimson

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