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Brad Pitt Loses 'R' in Brangelina Divorce Settlement

LOS FELIZ, CA--As part of his ongoing divorce settlement, Brad Pitt, one half of the beloved Hollywood Natalie-Portmanteau "Brangelina," has reportedly lost the rights to the 'r' in his first name.

While the legal settlements are not yet concluded, Pitt seems to have already conceded defeat, saying, "I used to have some of the best name recognition in the industry. Who's going to work with Bad Pitt? Nobody, that's who!"

Lesser Known Celebrities at Harvard

            We all know the daughters of CEOs, the nephews of barons and princes, and the Kennedys. But you may be surprised to find out that some of Harvard’s best and brightest are actually long-lost, lesser-known celebrities. Here’s a list of our most notable: