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Howdy! I'm Rob the Reading Rhino, And John Doesn't Love You Anymore!

Hiya there, great to meet ya! It's me, everyone's favorite reading buddy – Rob the Rhino! I love chapter books, spelling, belly rubs, and also John says it's not working and he'll pick his stuff up on Saturday!

Mental Health Win! CAMHS Releases Haunted Infant Emotional Support Doll to Treat Depression

CAMBRIDGE, MA - Earlier this month Harvard sophomore Alex Mureki decided to take advantage of Harvard’s new counseling and mental health services (CAMHS) by requesting approval for an emotional support animal. Little did Alex know that he would be given the responsibility of an eerily humanoid baby doll that occasionally comes alive at night to whisper tidings into Mureki’s ear.

Hahvahd Tours Add Stop at CAMHS in Pursuit of Authenticity

The hat-wearing, backwards-walking, Boston-accent-affecting minds behind the Hahvahd Tours have updated their route to include a stop at Counseling and Mental Health Services, aiming to more accurately represent student life at Harvard.