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Netflix Announces Revival of Series It Has Yet to Release

LOS ANGELES, CA -– Ten minutes ago, Netflix released a statement saying that it plans to create a new series called School, which will follow the lives of five socially awkward teenagers played by full-grown adults as they navigate topical social issues in a progressive yet relatable manner. Five minutes later, Netflix announced that cast members of School who have not successfully transitioned from TV to film will return for a highly-anticipated revival series – More School – set to air after a post-finale mourning period of an appropriate length.

After Rough Week, Nation's Mainstream Republicans Binge Watch NCIS

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-- It was a wild week for the nation's mainstream Republicans. Scott Walker dropped out of the presidential race, House Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation from Congress, and Donald Trump now shares the GOP nomination lead with Ben Carson in the polls. Republicans have sought solace from this whirlwind in their favorite TV drama, NCIS.