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Electoral College Ranked 5th by U.S. News and World Report

The college also features some iconic campus buildings, spread over a modest total area of 3.797 million square miles.

NEW YORK, NY – In the freshest release of the much-anticipated annual college rankings, U.S. News and World Report ranked the U.S. Electoral College as the fifth best undergraduate institution of higher learning in the nation.

To substantiate such a high ranking, the report cited qualities such as “a close-knit student body of 538,” “satellite campuses in all 50 states,” and “strong endowment gifting of $3.7 trillion every year from U.S. taxpayers.” It also highlighted that the admissions rate was an incredibly selective 0.0000004223%, since the college rejects all applicants for three years in a row before begrudgingly accepting 538 of 318,000,000 applications.

Career opportunities of alums after graduation are bright, and span consulting, public speaking, and opening a library. Additionally, although many know that Western Illinois University’s mock election has successfully predicted the next U.S. President since 1975, the Electoral College has an even longer streak dating back to 1784.

The press release also touched on reasons the Electoral College was not ranked even higher, which mostly came down to the fact that the endowment is a negative $19.4 trillion. The report further noted that one of the 9 tenured professor positions has been unfilled since February 2016, with no indication as to when a replacement may be nominated.

The ranking makes clear that the college has largely recovered from its scandal of 2000, when it accidentally sent an admissions email to a Florida student who had actually been rejected.

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