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Selling HY ticket... please email me... please :(

Such a good seat, you'll say "wow I'm so glad I met you and will continue to be friends with you after this brief interaction!"

Hi There!

Just another Quincy Penguin selling his Harvard-Yale ticket. I am totally selling it for normal reasons like everyone else, and I am definitely not selling it just because I haven’t seen a fellow human being in 3 days and this is the perfect excuse to exchange awkward smiles.

$70 OBO.... message me if interested. Please. I'll give the money to charity or whatever; I just really need human contact right now. It’s not my fault all my classes are videotaped and I have fused into my dorm-room chair like the crew of The Flying Dutchman.

We could like, meet up in the dhall and I can give you the ticket. Maybe you could like, shake my hand or something. How about a high five? Even a curt nod would do. Honestly, I’d just give the ticket to you for free for a hug. I’d kill a man for a hug. Lol kidding. Unless you want me too? I’m not saying I would, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t. Who am I kidding, I’d totally be your hitman for a hug. We can work out the details on fb messenger! I just really need that hug rn.

Anyways, email me if interested :P. Or slide into my DM’s. Or like if it’s more convenient for you I could slide into your DM’s. Please I just really need fleeting eye contact and a brief conversational exchange with a fellow human being.

Lemme know! #BeatYale #HarvardState 

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