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Harvard-Bound 8th Grader has Serious Reservations about the Quad


As housing season heats up, freshman aren’t the only ones quibbling over the quadrangle.

After arriving home from squash practice Friday evening, triple legacy and favorite son Henry Prescott-Weld threw off his Barbour jacket and sighed heavily.  His team, the Feildsdale Cavaliers, had just won districts, but Henry‘s mind was on other things while “at sport.” 

Henry confirmed that his older brother, Reed, was the main contributor to premature housing day worries. “[Reed] kept going on about some new shuttle app and how his distance from the main campus makes him feel ‘liberated.’ I started to wonder, what is this quad place?” Henry said Monday from his home in Manhattan.

Sources close to the Prescott-Weld family confirmed that Henry’s mother, Laura Prescott, had already taken measures to ease Henry’s anxiety.  Saturday evening, Laura sat down with Henry to mention the merits of Currier, Pforzheimer and Cabot.  An alum of Currier ‘78, She doted on the close-knit quad community, along with perks like the shuttle service and being single.

According to their website, Harvard selects nearly a third of the freshman class each year to be placed in the Radcliffe Quadrangle, an experience aimed at fostering a perspective for what it was like to be a woman in the 1930’s.

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