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Friend Who Worked with Kids Now Says "I'll Wait"

He's waiting.
CAMBRIDGE, MA  – Leverett House sophomore Nathan A. Dunham '20, who spent the summer teaching Boston-area children, now says "I'll wait" whenever he feels his friends are interrupting him.
Dunham was eating dinner Thursday night when his blockmate Jessica P. Menendez '20 suddenly interrupted him. According to witnesses, Dunham adopted a stern countenance, stood up from his seat, and declared, "I'll wait."

TF Sure You Did The Readings

CAMBRIDGE, MA-- Yesterday Harvey Benson, a TF for Culture and Belief 23, announced in his 3 pm section that he would continue talking about the readings because he "was sure you did them."
Benson, who normally conducts section under the assumption that you did the readings, decided to verbalize the tacit agreement when he started to feel like you might not have been keeping up with the assigned texts. Although Benson considered asking more specific questions about the readings to test his theory, he instead opted for the passive-aggressive route.