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Friend Who Worked with Kids Now Says "I'll Wait"

He's waiting.
Uh, he's waiting.
CAMBRIDGE, MA  – Leverett House sophomore Nathan A. Dunham '20, who spent the summer teaching Boston-area children, now says "I'll wait" whenever he feels his friends are interrupting him.
Dunham was eating dinner Thursday night when his blockmate Jessica P. Menendez '20 suddenly interrupted him. According to witnesses, Dunham adopted a stern countenance, stood up from his seat, and declared, "I'll wait."
"It was powerful stuff. I felt ashamed of myself and entirely condescended all at once," said Menendez. "It reminded me of my third grade teacher Mrs. Doyle, and Mrs. Doyle was a dick."
Dunham's summer experience has seeped into other aspects of his life too. While doing a problem set with some classmates on Tuesday, he clapped rhythmically until they instinctively echoed the clapping and stopped talking. Sources indicate that Dunham has been eating chicken patties with chocolate milk for lunch every day, as well.
It has been particularly difficult for Dunham to adapt to sections. "I used to think mansplaining was a huge problem," said CB 23 TF Kate Robertson. "But I never considered the possibility that a young adult man would shame me into being silent and then give me a packet of Skittles when I made a good point."
At press time, Dunham was marching through the halls of Sever, loudly ordering, "Hands on the hips, fingers on the lips," to nobody in particular.

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