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Community Chest the Rapper Finds $1 Million Bank Error in Favor of Chicago Public Schools

CHICAGO, IL – Not to be outdone by his more famous counterpart Chance, Community Chest the Rapper found a million-dollar bank error in favor of public schools last Thursday.

Man Takes To Street On Hands and Knees, Donning Four Legged Pants

CHICAGO, IL— In response to a recent viral Facebook post that has triggered ongoing debate about the proper way for a dog to wear pants, local resident and social justice enthusiast Bobby Ridder has taken to the streets to prove what he believes to be the correct answer.

“I had to take a stand,” said the avid four legged pant supporter. “Ever since I was right about that blue and black dress, I consider it my civic duty to prove what I know to be true.”

TF Actually Doesn’t Know The Difference Between MLA and Chicago, Was Just Bluffing

Quietly snickering after collecting her students’ essays for Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 64: The Canterbury Tales, local teaching fellow Judith Klenderman told reporters Monday that she actually doesn’t know the difference between MLA and Chicago citation styles, and “couldn’t care less” which of the styles her students had chosen to use.