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Community Chest the Rapper Finds $1 Million Bank Error in Favor of Chicago Public Schools

The cover of Community Chest the Rapper's latest album, "Coloring Book Avenue."

CHICAGO, IL – Not to be outdone by his more famous counterpart Chance, Community Chest the Rapper found a million-dollar bank error in favor of public schools last Thursday.

While Chance had monopolized the media coverage for his charitable giving, Community Chest made a statement from his Baltic avenue home. “I spent a long time in jail for a lot of things I’m not proud of,” Mr. Chest said, referring to his three charges of ‘rolling doubles.’ “I think it’s time for me to pass the dice to the next generation.”

Mr. Chest is well known for his activism in the community, from starting the thimble-player’s advocacy group to his efforts to provide free parking for all. However, he has been accused of collusion with the electric and water utilities to raise prices by a factor of ten.

Protestors of Mr. Chest's actions rallied around his home on the boardwalk, with chants calling for him to “Go to Jail.” Mr. Chest, addressing the difference between the Hasbros and has-not-bros, has called on his fellow music producers follow him in charitable giving.

As of press time, the American rock band OK Go had pledged to donate $200. 

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