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Antonin Scalia

Who Said It: Antonin Scalia or The Ferocious Beast?

1. "Argle-bargle"
2. "Jiggery-pokery"
3. "Great googly moogly"
4. "Tutti-frutti"
5. "Solo! Solo! Too nakma noya Solo!"
1. Antonin Scalia: United States v. Windsor
2. Antonin Scalia: King v. Burwell
3. The Ferocious Beast: Every single episode of Maggie and the Ferocious Beast

Clarence Thomas Admits That He is Groot

WASHINGTON, D.C - In a rare break from his reticence on the bench, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, known for his reserved persona, spoke up last week during the King v. Burwell lawsuit, saying, “I am Groot.”