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Pakistan to Sell Nuclear Weapons on Craigslist

Experts have alleged that the photographs have been doctored to make the warheads look bigger.

Recent allegations leveled at Pakistan of allowing Saudi Arabia to ‘rent’ its nuclear weapons have been revealed as a part of a wider Pakistani plan to leverage its weaponry in order to raise revenues for its cash-strapped government.

Internet users browsing the ‘Miscellaneous Romance’ category in the ‘Personals’ section on Craigslist were surprised to find that a post entitled “Want to play with some advanced weaponry?” was actually an advertisement for Pakistani nuclear warheads rather than a very poorly constructed innuendo.

The advertisement featured pictures of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, though experts have alleged that the photographs have been doctored to make the warheads look bigger. The description told readers: “This is your once in a lifetime chance to gain access to high quality nuclear weapons at knockdown prices! Take advantage of our special Black Friday rates to cause a Black Friday of your own!” The offer also included free shipping, and the option of choosing a design for the surface of the missile from “a range of exciting colours and themes, including post-apocalyptic purple, radiant red, and even a Pokemon-themed design targeted at younger customers like East Timor, Kosovo, and South Sudan.”

Representatives from Craigslist told reporters that they planned to remove the advertisement because it had been posted in 'Miscellaneous Romance' instead of the 'Collectibles' section where it belonged, thereby violating the sites terms and conditions. They also mentioned that, while responses to the post had been rather limited, one user, xx*t4L1B4n*xx, had sent multiple messages to the sellers expressing interest.

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