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Israeli Government Shuts Down 'Revenge Prawn' Website

Taking a cue from US action against 'revenge porn' websites, which allow people to post explicit pictures of their former partners without their permission, the Israeli government shut down a notorious 'revenge prawn' website,
The new phenomenon of 'revenge prawn' involves someone, usually a former lover, posting revealing pictures of an Orthodox Jew eating shrimp or some other kind of shellfish, which usually causes the victims to feel immense shame and be shunned by friends and relatives. 
Israeli authorities are searching for the owner of, Shlomo Katz, who has been absconding. He is considered one of the most hated figures in the country, having allegedly charged people up to $200 to have their distinctly un-Kosher photos removed from the site. Yet, up until now, the government had failed to act against him, claiming that he wasn't actually doing anything illegal. However, as Israeli cyber-security official, Ehud Yaretz, told SatireV: "Once we got over the belief that this incredibly unpleasant person had an inviolable right to emotionally abuse people, we found it really wasn't that hard to charge Katz for sexual harassment and extortion."
Victims of have expressed satisfaction at the verdict, though many wonder how they will rebuild their lives. Miriam Silverman, who was featured on the website with her tongue curled seductively around a crab claw, expressed hope that she could now receive compensation for the permanent damage to her dreams of becoming a Jewish scholar caused by the prawnographic image.
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