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We Asked Five Anti-Natalists of Various Political Persuasions to Express Their Thoughts on the Trump Whistleblower Affair. Here’s What They Had to Say:

“To my mind, a well-developed sense of humor is the surest indication of a person's humanity, no matter how black and bitter that humor may be.” -- Thomas Ligotti's praise for Satire V

“…that man is a blemish on the cosmos” — Thomas Ligotti, The Conspiracy Against the Human Race


“…a monster that kills everything it comes in contact with.” — Thomas Bernhard, Concrete


“It may even be indecent for family members to expect that person to continue living.” — David Benatar, Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence


“It is the stroke of midnight. I feel lonely in the face of despair stronger than me. And again I take refuge in the time before I was born.” — Emil Cioran, Cahiers 1957-1972


“But it's a curse, a condemnation, like an act of provocation, to have been aroused from not being, to have been conjured up from a clot of dirt and hay and lit on fire and sent stumbling among the rocks and bones of this ruthless earth to weep and worry and wreak havoc and ponder little more than the impending return to oblivion, to invent hopes that are as elaborate as they are fraudulent and poorly constructed, and that burn off the moment they are dedicated, if not before, and are at best only true as we invent them for ourselves or tell them to others, around a fire, in a hovel, while we all freeze or starve or plot or contemplate treachery or betrayal or murder or despair of love, or make daughters and elaborately rejoice in them so that when they are cut down even more despair can be wrung from our hearts, which prove only to have been made for the purpose of being broken. And worse still, because broken hearts continue beating.” ― Paul Harding, Enon

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