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Democracy in Decline: 7 Norms That Donald Trump Has Undermined

Liberal pundits keep talking about how President Donald Trump has undermined American democracy by defying the norms that keep the government running. So what are these norms? And why do we care? Who is the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, and what does he do?

Without further ado, these are the top 7 norms that Trump has undermined:

1.     Norm of Mutual Toleration


 This one’s a biggy! As Trump delegitimizes respect for the other side of the aisle, polarization spikes, and politicians choose party over country. “Lock her up"? More like lock up DEMOCRACY.

2.     Norm of Forbearance

 Senator at Podium

 Come on, Mitch. You’re not off the hook either, Harry Reid. Taking procedural rules literally to push your agenda only causes gridlock and government inaction. In 20 years, we may have just one Supreme Court justice. Poor Merrick!

3.     Norm MacDonald

Norm MacDonald 

He’s an everyman. Norm MacDonald is both a stand-up powerhouse and a Canadian. From Saturday Night Live to Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts, MacDonald made dreams come true until the 2016 election turned his world upside down. Because of Donny’s undermining of the press, he’s threatening to move back to Quebec!

4.     Norm of the Truth

 Trump With Pinocchio Nose

More like Trump-noccio! Get it, like the popular Disney character and the President of the United States combined? When Sarah Huck Sands gets up on that stoop and lies start flying left and right, democracy starts flying out of this country.

5.     Norman Bates

 Norman Bates

 Ohh, Spook-ooky-very-scary. Alfred Hitchcock’s hit film Psycho features this creepy character, who loves his mom and MuRdEr. With all the free advertising Trump TowersTM now gets, the Bates Motel is losing business. Yikes!

6.     Norman Reedus

 Norman Reedus

Donald Trump has been casually tweeting about nuclear warfare with rogue authoritarians. Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is so scared that a Trump-triggered nuclear holocaust will lead to a further dystopian zombie apocalypse that he has been motorcycling around Southern Georgia hunting squirrels with a prop crossbow made of papier-mâché for the past six months. 

7.     Normal Distribution


 Normal Distribution Bell Curve

Ding-dong, smells like a bell curve. Whether we’re talkin’ height or SAT scores, Gauss’ normal distribution is the secret weapon of statisticians. But the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 promises to further skew the already-skewed income and wealth distribution in America. Tax cuts should go to the middle class, and the GOP should go to math class!

Come on Donald, stop the madness! This is an eNORMous problem!

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