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All Female Bowling League Unimpressed by Women’s Strike

Kirkman, pictured here, has been striking most of her adult life.
CHATTANOOGA, TN – After discovering today’s International Women’s Day strike, members of the local bowling league Spare Change were reportedly unimpressed by the attention the event garnered.
“I don’t get what all of the fuss is about,” said Gladys Kirkman, league secretary and longtime striker. “We do this every Wednesday at 9.”
“It’s the only time that didn’t interfere with roller derby,” league chatterbox Cathy Goldberg threw in.
At the league’s most recent meeting, some members expressed frustration with the newfound interest in women’s strikes. “We’re out here every week busting our balls,” exclaimed league president Susan Wilcox. “Where were these people last month, when Cheryl sprained her finger knitting and cost us the quarterfinals of the Sycamore regional bowling tournament?”
Social Chair Patsy Lyons agreed. “These millennial high-rollers need to spare the excuses and stay in their lane,” she declared. “Whenever I invite my niece Hannah to our Secret Santas, she’s always trying to roll.”
Other members were more split. “They’re not bad people, it’s just that their aims are off center,” reasoned Vice President Debbie Baker.
The meeting was about to spin out of control when club linchpin and outreach chair Janet Moscovitz finally spoke up. “Are we off our rails?” she cried. “Here at Spare Change, we should strive to be the pin-nacle of inclusivity. No one gets thrown in the gutter.”
Club treasurer Betty Ferguson praised Janet for always being on the ball. “Not everyone can afford to strike,” she added, “but at Spare Change we pride ourselves on having a flat fee of $6.99 and a free shoe rental policy.”
Image Source: Manteca Bulletin

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