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Winter Comes Again

Winter's still got it, baby!

BOSTON, MA -- After a disappointing performance over the last few months, Winter is back for round two. “Look, I’m sorry about before. I’m usually much better,” said Winter, who rained gentle white snow on the faces of Boston residents less than a week ago. “But I think I have a little left in the tank for round two.”

Many Cambridge residents have expressed their annoyance about Winter's trying to come again at this point. “It was fine, I guess,” said resident Scott Henshaw. “But it wasn’t anything special, and honestly, it’s sort of annoying now. I’m ready to move on and get back to my everyday life, and Winter is still coming.”

On the street passersby were sporting downturned faces as they tried to avoid the thick white showers from above. However, the prospect of Winter coming again excited others. “I love when Winter comes. It sends a chill through my whole body!” said Back Bay resident Samantha Carter. “I feel like the luckiest girl alive when Winter comes twice in one year!”

Other residents were simply too resigned to care about Winter’s springtime advances. “I figure it’ll be pretty quick, so I’ll just lay in bed and think about something else until it finishes,” said retired postal worker and Medford resident Bethany McCaskill.

Winter, however, seemed unperturbed by the general lack of enthusiasm. “I feel great. Better than ever," said the season. "I just needed some time to recover, and now I’m back baby! I feel so good maybe I’ll come again in May, too!”

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