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Harvard Student Returns Home for Thanksgiving to “Catch Up, Grab a Meal” with Family

West with his family, which plans on seeing him again sometime next year, maybe, if he's in the area.
Sources confirmed earlier today that Eric West ’18, a Chemical and Physical Biology concentrator, has returned home for Thanksgiving to “catch up and grab a meal” with his family.

“I’ve been just been so busy, you know,” said West, who has called the people who gave birth to him a total of three times since the semester started, one of which was to ask what the family Netflix password was. “But it’s great seeing you guys. We should totally do this again sometime!”

According to people familiar with the matter, West’s decision to return and see the individuals who raised him for 18 years was a very tough one to make. “I had to study under the table to make up for lost time on the train ride back,” explained West, wriggling out of a hug from the persons who housed and fed him rent-free for almost two decades. “But hey, at least the food’s better than in the dhall.”

Despite a five-minute line of questioning about who they were living with this year and how they liked their double, West was unable to recall many personal details about the payers of his college tuition. When reached for further comment, he admitted that he could only remember their names and what house they were in.

At press time, West was spotted sneaking up to his childhood bedroom with a slice of pumpkin pie, mumbling something about needing to study for a midterm.
Image source: Tim Rodenberg/Flickr
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