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Area Student Not Sure How to Respond to Over-Enthusiastic Uber Driver

Uber is a popular app for area users who enjoy sitting in traffic in other people's cars, periodically checking their phones and then making awkward eye contact with their driver through the rear-view window.

Boston, MA – Area student Michael Asher appeared visibly shaken after what he is describing as a “traumatic” Uber experience. The ride started out just like any other: Asher and his friends entered the Blue 2011 Honda Civic they had called and graciously said a quick “hello” to their driver Tamir before immediately turning their attention to their smartphones. 

Asher claims that the Uber ride took an awkward turn when about ten minutes into the ride Tamir decided to strike up a conversation with the boys in the car. Tamir reportedly began discussing the Patriots' upcoming AFC Championship game before attempting to connect with the group over his love of hip-hop, especially that “1738 song.”

“I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty rattled,” said Asher, who apparently was so stunned at his driver’s action’s that it was all he could do to nod in vague agreement towards Tamir at regular intervals for the remainder of the 15-minute car ride. “I mean, he just started talking to us out of nowhere! We were pretty caught off guard. It’s like, who does that?!” 

Asher is a Communications concentrator at Boston University.


Image source: Mark Warner/Flickr

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