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Area Man Calls Up Local Friends Ahead of Trip to Quad

A dangerous slum near Li's residence.

CAMBRIDGE, MA-–Lowell House Senior Aaron Smith phoned several individuals living in the Radcliffe Quad today to let them know he would be visiting the Quad the following weekend.

“Dude, you’ll never guess where I’m going to be on the 30th,” Smith reportedly said to friend Gregory Li ’17 during one of these phone calls. “I’m going to be in the Quad! We’re going to be like right next to each other. Will you be in town?”

Sources have confirmed that Li, a Pforzheimer House resident, was surprised but delighted to hear the news and inquired about Smith’s reason for journeying north.

“I’m going to a birthday party at 9:00 PM,” Smith said, “but I’ll probably get in around 7:00. So I should have some downtime and maybe we could eat somewhere? What restaurants do you normally go to?”

Smith would go on to call several more classmates who lived in the Quad, telling each of them how great it was going to be to get away from life at Harvard. He could later be heard getting off the phone, saying, “I gotta go, man. Don’t want to use up all of my long-distance minutes!”

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