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Studying for Finals - An Editorial by Your Religious Frat Brother

Hey bros, Pete here. I know it's exam season here at Ridgemont College,
which means you're looking for study aids. No prob man, I got you covered.
It's called The King James Bible.

I know what you're thinking. "How does a 1611 translation of the Christian Bible help with Stat 101?" Look, I know that multiple choice section will toy with your mind like six straight hours of BioShock, point taken. But in all fairness you've got to focus on some bigger shit than the multi-choice.

Point-Counterpoint: Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan

Point: Hilary Duff is better than Lindsay Lohan

By Hillary Duff

I’m going to take the high road and not start off this intelligent—I did go to Harvard! Extension school SO counts!—conversation by pointing out my rival’s firecrotch. But you know, if I weren’t so classy, I’d say that she’s had more pictures taken of her vagina than Paris Hilton has STD’s! Ha!

A Letter from Pepperidge Farm

Dear Valued Customer,

We regret to inform you that Pepperidge Farm is not liable for self-inflicted food-related injuries. Though we empathize with your gastrointestinal plight, our "Death by Chocolate" cake does not guarantee - as the name may suggest - actual death, but describes our unique, patented style of frosting.

Gov. 20: An Editorial

My TF told me before that my idea of an introduction was a total failure, and that I should be more direct. Because that raging dickface controls my grades (and by proxy, the only thing that gives me any sense of self-worth) I must cede to his demands.

My thesis is as follows: that I hate this course, and that political science as a science is about as real and substantive as my chances of getting laid in the next three to four years.1