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Lowell House Residents File Noise Complaint Against The Owl

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The Majestic Owl, oblivious to the drunken misdeeds performed in its name.

Cambridge—Yesterday, residents of Lowell House Suite C-12 filed a noise complaint against the Owl Club. Located a stone’s throw from the club, the suite’s windows face east, receiving the brunt of its thumping beats and the enthusiastic dialogue of the building’s many frequenters.

The complaint comes one day after the club’s first punch event of the Fall, which in years past have come to be known as a coming of age event for bright sophomores and desperate juniors alike. 

“We expected the loud music after acquiring the suite by default this past spring in Lowell housing lottery,” C-12 resident Borris Baddingly said, “but what happened last night was inexcusable.”

The junior related that at approximately 11:32pm, an intoxicated sophomore on the Men’s Lightweight Crew team came up to their window and screamed “I’M BOOZIN! HOOT HOOT!” whilst flapping his arms like an owl ready to take flight. 

“I was just trying to get a head start on the week’s Ec10 PSet and all of a sudden this dude comes screeching up to my window,” Borris recounted, “I was startled to say the least.” 

According to Baddingly and his roommates, the straw that broke the camel’s back came at approximately 1:15am when a severely impaired member of the Harvard College Consulting Group stumbled up to the same window and proceeded to vomit in the rare West Kyoto bamboo plant that the residents of C-12 had been tending to on their windowsill since freshman year.

Representatives of the Owl Club could not be reached for comment, yet when students walked up Holyoke St. this morning, the Owl’s iconic flag could be seen flying over the building’s main entrance, seemingly a sign of solidarity that they do not have any intention of replacing their neighbor’s bamboo. 

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