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Inactive Club Member Makes Grand Return to Scattered Applause, Forced Smiles

Ross was met by a smattering of almost generous applause.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – In a move that shocked everyone including himself, after almost four months of inactivity, Harrison Ross '19 was spotted entering a club meeting for the Harvard College Young Leaders in Financial Consulting in Business yesterday at approximately 8:06 pm. Ross’s homecoming was met by a few scattered cheers, many strained faces attempting to show warmth, and one unintelligible scream from the back of the room. His return marks his first interest in the club since he last responded to an email thread over the club’s Google Group in late January.

“I’m not gonna lie, I was expecting a bit of a bigger reaction when I walked through those doors” admitted Ross, referring the to the one small squeaky door leading to the inside of Sever 110, where club meetings are held. “I mean, I used to run this club, and now it seems that barely anyone recognizes me.” Ross ran for publicity chair of the club midway through his freshman year amidst a blind optimism about leadership positions in extracurriculars. However, since then it seems that his level of commitment toward even low time-commitment student groups has waned, if not altogether ceased.

Thought by some to be dead, Ross's return was met with mixed emotions. “I was so excited to see Harrison again! He used to be such a positive energy at club meetings” gushed Emily Wendel ’18. Others were more skeptical. “It’s like he thinks he can waltz back in here like he owns the place. Newsflash buckaroo! Some of us have actually been putting in the half hour of blood, sweat, and tears every week to make sure this club functions,” seethed Alex Johnson ‘20. It is reported that Ross sat through half of the meeting in silence before muttering something about a review session and leaving the room at 8:27 pm.

Ross admitted the only reason he returned to the club was because he “heard there were gonna be free cookies at the meeting.” At press time, no such cookies were found.


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