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HUPD Embraces Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is here, and police are helping to bring people together!

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Winter is here and cuffing season is upon us. Local police officers are welcoming their favorite time of year with open arms and cuffs at the ready, looking forward to trying new techniques including the fluff and cuff, the cuff and run, and the always enigmatic “Shia LaCuff.”

The Harvard University Police Department looks forward to the tradition of cuffing every year – it causes even more enthusiasm than the annual photo-shoot for the “Hot HUPD” calendar. “Most of us used to cuff in the privacy of our own homes anyway,” said officer Mike Tuffner, “so we decided to just make it a community thing.”

As to whether or not handcuffing strangers to each other was a distraction from actual police work, Tuffner had no comment, as he was attempting to handcuff a man to a refrigerator nearby.    

Officer Dana Keyson also embraced the excitement. “Cuffing season is the greatest,” Keyson declared, “We can walk up to someone and randomly handcuff them to the nearest pole, sign, person, or dog.” She claims that the spirit of the season is enjoyed by all. “Sometimes people get so into being cuffed that they start crying or cursing at us because they’re having too much fun.”

The police are not alone in their celebration of cuffing season. Charles Neadle, local tailor shop owner, explained that the cuffing options are endless: “you’ve got jean cuffs, collared shirt cuffs, non-collared shirt cuffs, cufflinks…” 

No matter how you cuff this season, HUPD released a statement reminding everyone to cuff responsibly.


Image source:  Staff Sgt. Ashley Moreno/Wikimedia  


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