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Harvard Posts Craigslist Ad for Scab Workers

President Faust has been known to use Craigslist to solicit donations and to sell whatever Larry Summers left in her Massachusetts Hall office.

CAMBRIDGE, MA — A Craigslist ad posted late Thursday night suggests that Harvard is preparing for a strike by Harvard University Dining Services workers. The posting calls for “600 employees with experience in dining service” who “totally won’t just be strikebreakers.”

The current contract between the university and HUDS workers will expire on September 17, and 600 workers are prepared to strike unless the university meets their demands for higher pay and more affordable healthcare.

One worker, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said she wasn’t surprised by the university’s lethargy in contract negotiations.

“From talking with the students over the last few months, I sort of expected this," he said. "It just really seems like the administration doesn’t have its shit together. You wouldn’t be able to tell they just raised $7 billion.”

At press time, only Professor Harvey Mansfield had responded to the ad, noting it was his duty to serve students when the "exploitative HUDS workers refused to do so."


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