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Harvard Dining Introduces Flavored Food

The new HUDS offerings are not only flavorful, but also appetizing.

In addition to the new flavored water machines, students returning to campus after winter break were also greeted by flavored food in many of Harvard’s undergraduate dining halls.

The new food choices are part of Harvard University Dining Services’ efforts to expand beyond the dependable, if one-dimensional, flavor of dry chicken breast, according to HUDS spokesperson Mary Culver.

“We hope to introduce the subtleties of flavor to the masses: earthy depths, smoky edginess, and revolutionary harmonies of taste sensation,” said Culver. “Or just taste in general.”

For the most part, students welcomed the injection of flavor into their food.

“The chicken vindaloo is sumptuously spicy, and I can taste the delicate balance of rosemary and basil in the marinara sauce,” exclaimed Laura Smith ’19. “I feel like a culinary adventurer!” 

Guy Felger ’19 said he didn’t notice the change immediately, but upon discovering flavor notes of meat in a bite of hamburger, he voiced his support: “I think it’s really neat that for once in my Harvard dining experience, the subtle undertones of a burger are not overpowered.”

Even picky eaters were won over by the unfamiliar choices. “I usually go for white bread for dinner. It’s more dependable for me,” said Angie Richardson ’19. “But I’m trying pumpernickel this meal - look!” 


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