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Fourth Classes Tired of Being Called “Easy”

"Shopping week just kills my self-esteem."

After a series of vicious rumors swept Harvard’s campus during the Fall 2017 shopping period, fourth classes have banded together to declare that they are not, in fact, “easy As.” GenEds of all distribution requirements have stated that they are fed up with the broad generalizations students make about them. In a written statement, the fourth classes said that they wish to increase awareness as to the harmfulness of the stigma.

“We are real classes with real exams and real feelings,” Culture and Belief 39: The Hebrew Bible, said. “All I want is for these students to realize that words can hurt. They don’t think about the effects of what they post online. Those Q Guide comments are cruel.”

Some classes have considered instituting a lottery in order to prove that they are “hard to get.” Others have not been as offended by the rumors and instead have chosen to embrace the label.

“I’m so tired of all this section shaming,” Anthropology 1010: Introduction to Archaeology, said. “You want me? You got me. I’ll fulfill your EMR without a single pset. Want to take an advanced anthropology class? Just make sure you do me first. I’m also really into hands on activities, if you know what I mean.”

The School of Engineering an Applied Sciences has witnessed some of the most disturbing instances of bullying. Some of the classes have been concerned about the effect the stigma will have on their future relationships.

“If one more freshman comes up to me expecting an easy SPU, I’m going to flip out,” Science of the Physical Universe 27: Science and Cooking, said. “If you’re going to take me, we need to have real chemistry first. And I don’t just mean AP level.”

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