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Dean Khurana Urges Wife to Consider Meal Holistically

Dean Khurana offers his wife food on a need-blind basis.

CAMBRIDGE, MA-- After spending hours preparing dinner this evening, Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana reportedly urged his wife Stephanie to evaluate the meal on a holistic basis.

As the Faculty Deans of Cabot House sat down for dinner, Dean Khurana, who is also the Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development at Harvard Business School, stressed the importance of judging what he cooked on different dimensions. "Perhaps what it lacks in flavor, it makes up for in nutritious value," suggested Dean Khurana. "Not every meal can be flavorful, you know."

For her part, Stephanie Khurana did her best to consider the origins of the dinner's ingredients. "I know Rakesh bought a lot of the makings from Whole Foods, so he had a bit of an advantage," said the Managing Director of the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation. "I'll keep that in mind when I bite into this broccoli-stuffed chicken."
According to Dean Khurana, his philosophy of dinner dictates that each meal be a transformative experience. "The best way to ensure every bite offers something new is to look past things like presentation, and focus more on quality," said Khurana. 
"Also," he added, "We take way too many students from Exeter."

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