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Cinnamon Challenge Inspires New Annenberg Dish

The main ingredients of the new dish. Not pictured: Stig's saliva.

CAMBRIDGE, MA--On Wednesday, Annenberg employee Ron Stig put his swallowing skills to the test while manning line three. Harvard’s culinary world would never be the same again.

Stig reportedly inhaled an entire spoonful of cinnamon after receiving a challenge from a student. He then almost choked and spit it out onto the student’s plate of oatmeal.
“When I spit, the oatmeal was covered with the spice. It looked a lot like the mixed rice dishes we serve sometimes. That’s when it hit me—we should serve this,” recalled Stig.

And so Annenberg’s newest dish was born. Now every other Wednesday, students can hear the unmistakable melody of ferocious sneezing and coughing fits from the cafeteria as Stig prepares his signature dish for dinner.

“I really feel like the food I prepare is a part of me,” said Stig.  “I mean, literally a part of me…much of the mucus I produce in my nose flies into the dishes.”

Stig also feels that the poetic nature of his culinary creation extends to its ingestion. “When eating the food, students often fall into huge coughing fits. It’s like it all ends up where it began—in the violent method of pushing copious amounts of inedible food out of one’s digestive system. It’s beautiful,” said Stig.

The students agreed.

 “Ehhh…cuhh…oh god…hcjdsah;fdj,” passionately stated a student enjoying Stig’s creation.

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