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Boston Lawyer – Faust, You Made One Crucial Mistake In Handling The Cheating Scandal: Committing Five Counts of Voluntary Manslaughter

Esteemed Boston attorney Michael B. Keating was brought in by Faust to investigate the handling of the cheating scandal.

The Room is dark, shades drawn.  Sirens outside.

Well, Drew, I’ve looked over the evidence, and it ain’t pretty.  You didn’t handle this scandal very well.  Not very well at all.  

Listen, I could handle the lying.  I could handle the lying about the lying.  Heck, I could even handle setting up Dean Hammonds to take the fall for the whole mess.  Your mess. 

Lights Cigarette.

But goddamnit, Faust.  You had to go and commit five counts of voluntary manslaughter.  Three deans and a student.  And a librarian.  The fucking librarian, Faust!

Sucks on his cigarette

The guy was just two days from budget-cut induced retirement!

Listen, Faust. [beat] Faust, I don’t know if I can get you out of this one.  When it was the kids in Stoughton, it was fine.  Nobody knew, and nobody cared. Stoughton kids, I can do Stoughton kids.  But the deans, the student…the librarian. 

Stands up.

You’re a killer, Faust.  You’ve got a killer’s mind. [beat] A killer’s body.

Passionate embrace.  Saxophone squeals.

No, Faust, we can’t do this.  Maybe you can, but I gotta come clean.  The judge is an old friend, maybe he’ll go easy on you.  What’s twenty years?  Fifteen with good behavior? You could get a lotta Civil War research done in the slammer!  Allright, I’ll call him up now.

What, NO! Faust, what do you think you’re doing?  Oh I was a fool to think you’d change!  Well go ahead, shoot me then Faust, SHOOT ME IF YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN!

A small pop is heard from the streets. The sirens fade into the distance. The saxophone pushes out its sad tune.



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