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Bite-Sized Dessert Lover "Bit Saddened" by Strike Resolution

Desserts that, while obviously not as important as workers getting health benefits, is still pretty goddamned special.

CAMBRIDGE, MA--After three weeks on strike, Harvard University Dining Services is back to work at full capacity today. Many students have expressed their relief that normal dining services have resumed, but Sarah Johnson '18 says she's secretly conflicted about the strike's end.

"On the one hand, I'm glad that the strike is ending and the workers have achieved their goals," Johnson confirmed to reporters. "On the other, I really like the mini-cheesecakes." 

Johnson says that she found the mini-desserts that HUDS served during the strike to be "much better" than many of the normal dessert items.
"They're a lot smaller, so I feel way less guilty about eating two or three at a time," she explained. "And, I mean, have you tried them? They're delicious."
Johnson did reiterate that she really is glad the strike is over and hopes that the university can learn from it.
"I don't want anyone to misunderstand me–-I am really happy that the HUDS workers are back," she said. "But I think this episode can serve as a lesson for the university: bite-sized desserts are the way to go." 
At press time, Johnson could been seen walking out of Tatte with immense boxes under both arms.
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