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QUIZ: Does This Lady Have a Small Bladder or Just Desperately Want to Leave Your Picnic?

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Many a time will women dip out of socially-distanced hangouts, claiming that they have a “small bladder” and need to get home. Take this quiz to see whether your friend is being truthful or not!

How many ounces of water has she consumed throughout the picnic?

a)     5

b)    15

c)     30.5

When you proposed taking a walk around the park, she …

a)     Vehemently declined. “Why can’t we just sit?”

b)    Paused. “Uhhh it’s really sunny out and I like our shady spot. Can we wait 10 minutes for the clouds to cover?

c)     Stood up. “Let’s do it! I heard that if we walk quietly we can hear the birds chirping.”

How did she respond to your suggestion to do another picnic soon?

a)     “I’d love that! Want to do next weekend in my backyard so I can go in and out of my house as necessary?”

b)    “Sure - my schedule is super packed these next two weeks. How about I get back to you after things calm down?”

c)     “Umm I may be moving in with my significant other in New Zealand, so not sure whether I’ll be around.”

Was your friend wearing a mask?

a)     Yes, and she wouldn’t take it off even though we were sitting 12+ feet apart.

b)    Yes, but only over her chin.

c)     No, she claims she’s already gotten COVID and is therefore immune.

If you got…

Mostly a’s: Don’t take her wanting to leave personally. She definitely has a small bladder and is too nervous to use a public restroom. 

Mostly b’s: Too close to call. Maybe try another picnic and see how much water she drinks?

Mostly c’s: She’s just using it as an excuse to get out of your socially-distance hangout. There’s no way that a woman who has had over 30 gallons of water and is comfortable walking around has a small bladder.

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