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Jonas Brothers Stranded in Year 3000 After Time Machine Breaks

The Jonas Brothers just minutes before they realized their time machine was irreparably broken.
THE YEAR 3000 – After their neighbor Peter built a time machine and transported them to the year 3000, members of the boy band The Jonas Brothers are now stranded in the future as the machine's flux capacitor malfunctioned.
At first, things were going well for the so-called Jo Bros. Their seventh album had outsold Kelly Clarkson, and their single about the year 3000 had gone multi-platinum. But just as the time traveling boy band was about to return to the present, the lesser-known brother Kevin Jonas accidentally dropped the flux capacitor and it exploded, injuring him and killing their neighbor Peter. As time traveling is otherwise banned in the year 3000, the Jonas Brothers are trapped in the future for the rest of their lives.
"Oh God, oh my God," said Nick Jonas upon realizing his fate. "What kind of hell is this? What did we do to deserve this cruel punishment?"
Not much has changed in the year 3000, except that everyone now lives under water. Some people have evolved gills to adapt to this environment, but others live perpetually in diving suits. This was unfortunate news for Joe Jonas, who cannot swim. 
"It's called 'Cake By the Ocean' because I literally have to stand by the water, or else I will drown," said a despondent Joe. 
The foolhardy brothers plan on trying to build a makeshift time machine, but without their genius scientist neighbor Peter, all hope appears to be lost.
"I can't help but think this is my fault," said Kevin Jonas, whose butterfingers caused the fateful accident. His brothers have quickly grown to resent him, as it was indeed Kevin's fault.
Although the Jonas Brothers remained in peril at press time, reports indicate that your great great great grand daughter is doing fine.
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