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Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon: Too Soon?

Boston, MA—As spectators excitedly gather to watch the 118th Boston Marathon, many of the runners can be heard grumbling about the much-anticipated event.

 “The marathon is no joking matter. It’s too soon,” said Joseph Anderson, a Boston native. “Seriously, the date crept up on me. I haven’t had enough time to practice and I’m not nearly in good enough shape to run this.”

 Many participants are complaining about people who do not take the marathon seriously enough.

Everything, Ever Implicated in Boston Bomber’s Radicalization

“When he wasn’t playing videogames with lots of guns – Call of Duty, that sort of thing – you’d see Dzhokhar sitting around talking about Atlas Shrugged… that was always his favorite of Ayn Rand’s novels and I think it really stuck with him,” explained a former classmate of the Boston bombing suspect.