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BREAKING: Deans Are Beans

An undergraduate investigative team lead by Satire V has made the surprising discovery that the Deans of Harvard College are not, as previously thought, homo sapiens, but, shockingly — beans. 


Refried Bean Khurana was quick to reassure students. “We won’t let this uproot our community. We will fry, fry again until we succ-seed in sprouting a stronger community.” 


Deans' List

Spicy! Harvard has this semester's Deans' List early. Let's see which Deans have made the list it this time...


Dean of Freshman Thomas "Tommy Fresh" Dingman

Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana

Dean Thomas

James Dean

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sausage

Dwayne "The Dean" Johnson

HUDS Five Dean Chili