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Aaron Hernandez

Satire V Staff Writer Finds “ The One Tasteful Tight-End Joke” in Aaron Hernandez Debacle

Nicholas Brixby, class of 2016, has reportedly discovered the only “tasteful” joke in existence relating Aaron Hernandez’s former position as a tight end for the New England Patriots to his imminent status as a high-security prison inmate.


Warden Looking to Build Plucky Team of Inmates Around Aaron Hernandez

Leavenworth, KS--Speaking after the former Patriots tight end was sentenced to life without parole, Leavenworth Penitentiary Warden Claude Maye told sources that he was really looking forward to building a prison yard football team around Hernandez.

“Aaron Hernandez is just the tight end Leavenworth needs to put our team on top,” Maye said. “Now I just need to get a team behind him.”